Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Game Design Meeting, Wednesday, February 1

For this week's meeting, we'll be looking at classic games--pretty much Super Nintendo/16-bit and earlier. Because of hardware limitations, developers didn't have fancy graphics or elaborate symphonies to hide behind. They had to focus on things like strong mechanics, melodies, and aesthetics. There's a lot we can learn from these gems, and hopefully we'll uncover a few of these lessons things in our discussion. Additionally, we will be using our earlier meeting time to discuss Project Van Gogh's Ear/the Logan Center ARG. Try to post some ideas on the VGE forum thread before the meeting so we can workshop them when we come together. Finally, I'm trying to make notes from our last meetings pretty, so I'll try to get those up on the meetings' section tonight, depending on when I finish this darn application.

Wednesday, February 1st
Harper 135 - 6pm-7pm: Project - Van Gogh's Ear
Harper 145 - 7pm-8pm: Lessons from Classic Games

Good luck with midterms!