Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Game Design Meeting, Wednesday, February 22

Hey Gamers!

Game Design Meetings:

Wednesday, February 22:
Harper 135 - 6-7pm:  
Project:  Van Gogh's Ear - We'll continue talking about the narrative arc, final event, and rabbit holes

Harper 145 - 7-8pm:  
Discussion: Educational Games - We'll talk about educational and persuasive games, whether they suck, and how to make them better if they do

Spring Classes:

Remember to sign up for classes this week! I always try to remind my friends because I've forgotten twice and it is no fun. Need suggestions? Digital Imaging (ARTV 22500) with Jason Salavon is great--I'm in it now and I've actually made games for two projects. Plus, he used to do graphics for the N64 or something. He's also teaching Data and Algorithm in Art (ARTV 22502) which might also interest some of you. If you're into macabre stuff like me, Hauntology: Ghosts, Specters and Other Paranormal Phenomena in Contemporary Art and Beyond (ARTV 26213) also exists. TAPS is offering a course called Story Through Music and Sound (TAPS 27800), which may be helpful if you think audio is important in games (PS: It is). Also consider Issues in Film Music (CMST 28100). Intro to World Wide Web 2 (CMSC 10200) probably wins the title for the least descriptive class (the CompSci department is really good at that). I think it's focused on building web apps--you'll be learning JavaScript and PHP and stuff, plus, I think it fills the math requirement. Probably very useful if you're into Internet. The other CompSci classes all have prereqs, and if you're in the major you already know about all the classes so I won't bother listing them. Still, for what it's worth, I really enjoyed Intro to Computer Systems(CMSC 15400). That was a solid class. 

Little Red Schoolhouse (ENGL 10300) will be one of the most useful courses you will take here, and Lines of Transmission: Comics and Autobiography (ENGL 25944) seems like it might have a cool reading list. Good luck!

Sorry for the long one,